Are you working in a remote or hybrid team, and feel disoriented when you try to move work forward?Want to find a sustainable flow so you and your team feel more connected and collaborate more effectively?Know something needs to change in your team's remote culture, but don't know where to start?If you're ready to make changes, set your team up for success with a Remote Culture Intensive.

Remote Culture Intensive is a course for remote and hybrid teams. Grow your personal facilitation skills and shift your culture, together.

⚙️ Turn Talk Into Traction

How can we build alignment and connection to do work that matters?When our teams grow, each new colleague compounds the number of relationships we need to nurture. To coordinate across a growing team, we stuff our calendars with meetings to keep people in the loop.But! More meetings ≠ more impact. And meeting inflation is a momentum killer.You need to invest in your personal skills and team approaches to: connect, collaborate, and coordinate. We can help you build a remote culture that works for the goose and the gander 🦆.

🪢 Untangle Your Team

How do we build dynamic spaces that bring out the best in our team?Great teams are diverse. They attract colleagues with different languages, specialities, and personalities.This also means different work habits, needs, time zones, and styles.
You can either leave your practices to build up over time organically, making everyone equally unhappy, or you can make a change.
Dedicated space to define and design your remote culture will help you harmonise and move work forward, together.

Is your team surviving your remote culture?

🐹 Is you team frantic, on a hamster wheel of chat notifications and email threads, dreading the 8 hours of non-stop meetings, groaning at one more shared document.

Or are they thriving in a successful, shared system?

💫 You can feel connected to each other, empowered by autonomy and transparency, driving important work forward without burning out, and feeling impact and traction in your work. Like anything worth doing, it takes care and focus.

📅 The next Remote Culture Intensive launches in Spring 2023.

Wondering if you can level up your remote culture to do meaningful work without burning out?
In a free 30-minute remote culture consult, we can discuss the state of your remote culture, and what your goals are.By the end of the call, you'll know if a Remote Culture Intensive is a fit.➡️ The next step is to book a 30-min call so we can chat about your team and the program.

How does it work?

The Remote Culture Intensive is comprised of three core elements:

🛠 Training for a range of roles and interests

🔥 Team coaching sessions to work on specific challenges & opportunities

😎 Community membership to learn with and from other teams

➕ Plus featured guest experts and tailored support for what your team needs to develop a new normal in your remote culture

What will you get?

By the end of Remote Culture Intensive, you and your team will have:

  • Built a shared understanding of what's working and what isn't in your remote culture

  • Developed your remote facilitation approach so you and your team can meet more meaningfully

  • Run experiments to stretch your skills and apply what you’re learning about your team

  • Formed a shared commitment and a step-by-step plan to shift the way you work

Who will you learn with?

Remote Culture Intensive is taught by Alix Dunn and managed by Jake Slater.

Alix is a facilitator who helps teams navigate complexity, collaboration challenges, and team dynamics. She is an expert on sociotechnical issues, and built a global, remote organisation, and led it for 8 years. She runs a facilitation studio that hosts events and offsites for cross-functional teams.

Jake manages the Remote Culture Intensive experience. He creates space for students and teams to learn from each other and he supports the unique learning outcomes for each team.

What people say about the training and Alix

⭐️ I honestly didn’t expect how big an impact the course would have on me.⭐️ Alix has helped us solve problems involving complex team dynamics and the challenges of mission-driven teams. Whether providing expert perspectives on technology or tackling complex organizational challenges, Alix is an exciting and inspiring partner to work with.⭐️ Alix helps clients think through the purpose of organizing, how to achieve that purpose, and how to do so in a way that is collaborative, equitable, and powerful.⭐️ There’s something that has shifted in the way I hold the space and allow myself to not overthink and it’s really thanks to your guidance, the material, the coaching, the sharing… and it extends beyond facilitation.

✅ This is for your team if...

👍 You are a team in a remote and hybrid organisations that collaborates across disciplines to do complex work. You may be working as group in a larger organisation, or represent a majority of your smaller organisation.👍 You are interested in building skills as individuals but also examining how you work together. You are interested in shifting the way you work, either because you experience specific pain points in your remote culture and collaboration, or because you see remote culture as a differentiator and want to keep growing stronger.👍 You want to go through the Intensive with between six and ten people. We can run multiple cohorts from the same organisation simultaneously.

❌ This isn't for your team if...

👎 If you can't dedicate the time, it's not worth it.
This program takes time. Each team member will spend at a minimum ±10 hours on content and live sessions. We understand that most teams are extremely busy, and we hope our program will help ease your workload.
👎 If you aren't ready to experiment, you aren't going to improve.
You need to take risks in remote culture. There are no right answers, which means we need to try things out to see what sticks. If you don't have a culture of progress and experimentation, this program won't work.

Want to talk through it?

In a free 30-minute remote culture consult, we can discuss the state of your remote culture, and what your goals are.By the end of the call, you'll know if a Remote Culture Intensive is a fit.Do you have a quick question about how it works?Feel free to drop us an email 👇

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